Outpatient services

The Methodist Hospital, Wenchi General Outpatient Department runs general OPD services, give injections and clinics like diabetes (where we take care of diabetic patients), sickle cell patients, and CD4/HIV clinic. We also educate our patients on how to stay healthy (health education) every morning.

The General Outpatient (OPD) Department operates 24/7.

This is a unit that deals with disease/ issues of public concern.

We do run a lot of programs at this unit.

Some of the programs are:
• ante-natal care (ANC),
• Post-Natal care (PNC),
• Child welfare clinic,
• Family planning,
• Prevention of mother to Child transmission of HIV (PMTCT),
• Disease control and surveillance,
• Home visit,
• Adolescent health corner,
• Birth and death registration,
• cervical screening,
• health promotion and breast examination.

We work on week days from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm.

The EYE clinic offer varying degrees of services. Some of which are:
• General Eye screening,
• Glaucoma Screening (checking intraocular pressure),
• Refraction,
• visual Field Test,
• Cataract surgeries,
• Minor surgeries,
• Optical services (fixing of all types of lenses),
• Repair of frames,
• Dispensing of Lenses,
• Frames and Spectal cases.

The clinic operates from 7:30 am – 2:00 pm every weekday.

The unit has five (5) staff: 1 Optometrist, 1 Ophthalmic Nurse, 3 Optical technicians.

OOPS! Physiotherapy Unit contents under construction...

The unit takes care of all cases associated with the audiology, ear, nose and throat and the following are some of the activities undertaken by staff at the unit.

• OPD Services: It takes place from 8am till we finish our work for the day (last client is served even after working hours) on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Consultations are done and drugs prescribed. Referrals are done when necessary.

• Minor surgical/OPD procedures: These procedures carried out at the unit to remedy or remove the cause of the client’s problems such as removal of foreign bodies from the ear, nose or throat, irrigation of the ear to get rid of foreign bodies or wax impaction, incision and drainage of ear, nose and throat abscesses.

• Hearing Assessment: This procedure is mostly done for those undergoing medical examination or having complaint of hearing difficulties.

• Admission: Clients with severe infections requiring admission are admitted to the ward and are managed till they improve.

• ENT rounds: Morning rounds are done to review those admitted through the unit or admitted by other clinicians with ear, nose or throat conditions.

• Outreach programs: This is done to detect ear, nose and throat abnormalities in the community for referral and treatment at the unit or where needed referral is done to higher facilities for management. This is done on every Wednesday and Fridays especially in schools.

• Research: The unit analyzes its data gathered to serve as a guide for procurement of drugs and services needed in running of the unit and the hospital in general at the end of every month.

• Training: The unit is committed to train staff/students who avail themselves to tuition in ENT.

The unit is a special unit with qualified, peaceful and hard working professionals who maintains confidentiality of all our clients. We accord the necessary respect to all our clients with patience, have listening ears to all of them irrespective of their conditions; Health educations on various psychiatric conditions on radio.

i. Community durbars

ii. Counseling

iii. Home visit

iv. Case finding

v. Outreach to various schools, for health talks in the municipal.

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About Us

The Methodist Hospital was established in 1951 by the Chiefs and people of Wenchi. It started as a dressing station in a small room at the current location of the Police Station. It was transferred to its present site, also in 1951, when a single block of the local Methodist Middle School was released.

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